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Does Facebook Make Us Lie?

social network, marketing, facebookA few days ago we talked about how social media is changing cultural norms with regards to some manners. But, could Facebook and social media sites like it also be turning us into liars? We wonder, is a profile page a realistic representation of someone or just what they want to be seen as and not who they actually are?

An online image is easier to control and to manage than a face-to-face one that doesn’t always allow for tidying up or deleting certain parts of, but my experience is that people are actually more honest online than they are in person because of the small layer of separation. There is research to back that up, but at the same time, I have experienced the opposite also: The photoshopped pictures, posing, and general misrepresentation or disconnect between the person I know and the way they present themselves online.

We know that our dear Salty Waffle readers are quite the intelligent crowd so were asking for some help in this debate. Social media, engagement, activation, and authentic behavior are at the core of what we do, so this is an interesting question.

Do think people are more honest in person or online? Why is that? Does the small level of detachment free people up to make statements they probably wouldn’t otherwise or do you think most work really hard to create a perfect online image?

We would love to get your opinions on this so leave us a comment and keep this debate in your mind as you browse those profiles. What are you seeing more of out there?