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Is Atomic AI in Our Future?

This Week’s Insights 📰 

Pope Francis Sounds the Alarm on AI at G7 Summit

Pope Francis made history at the G7 summit in southern Italy, becoming the first pope to address the gathering. He warned world leaders about the ethical dangers of artificial intelligence, emphasizing the need to keep human dignity at the forefront of AI development. Francis urged politicians to ensure AI remains human-centric, especially in critical decisions like weapon deployment. The G7 leaders echoed his concerns, pledging to pursue a human-centered digital transformation. With the Pope’s moral authority in the spotlight, the push for ethical AI development gained significant momentum.

Bill Gates Goes Nuclear: Powering Homes and AI

Bill Gates is betting big on nuclear power to meet the energy demands of AI and U.S. homes. The Microsoft founder has invested $1 billion in TerraPower, a new nuclear power plant in Kemmerer, Wyoming, aiming to provide a safer and more efficient energy source. Using sodium instead of water to cool the reactor’s core, this facility promises to be innovative in the nuclear power industry. TerraPower estimates the plant’s cost at up to $4 billion, a steal compared to recent projects. Gates discusses the plant’s potential to power data centers and homes without increasing carbon emissions, pushing the envelope on sustainable energy solutions.

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Bot-holder

In a twist straight out of sci-fi, the inaugural “Miss AI” beauty pageant is here, blending virtual and real. Produced by Fanvue and the World AI Creator Awards, this competition offers over $20,000 in prizes, including $5,000 cash for the winner. Judges split between human and AI rate models on looks, tech creation, and social media prowess. Contestants, generated using advanced AI tools, flaunt their artificial lives on Instagram. With nearly 11,000 followers, Brazilian AI model Ailya Lou exemplifies the trend. While organizers call it a “monumental leap forward,” critics argue it showcases exaggerated, unrealistic beauty standards, sparking debate on AI’s impact on jobs and society.

AI-Enabled Training Makes Robotic Exoskeletons More Accessible

AI is making robotic exoskeletons a reality for people with mobility issues. By using computer simulations, researchers have bypassed the need for endless human testers, bringing these cool gadgets closer to everyday use. Recent studies show AI-trained exoskeletons can cut energy use by 24.4% while walking—pretty impressive for tech that sounds like it belongs in an Iron Man movie!

Apple Reveals a Sensible AI Strategy

Apple has finally stepped into the AI arena with a rational approach that’s shaking things up. While Apple, the elder statesman of tech, has kept mum on AI, younger competitors reveled in what they saw as a sign of its decline. But Apple’s latest move proves otherwise. Teaming up with OpenAI, the chaos kid of the tech world, Apple aims to harness AI’s wild potential with its hallmark design and engineering finesse. This partnership promises a blend of stability and innovation, making AI more accessible and manageable for the masses. Looks like the tech giant isn’t slipping—it’s just been quietly perfecting its next big leap.

AI Lab Visual Vault 🖼️

Use Case: Using HeyGen for Video Translation.

HeyGen allows you to translate any video into another language while keeping your original voice and speaking style! All you have to do is either upload a video via a URL or from your computer. HeyGen will process the video for you and output the result for you to download. Watch Katie and Andrea speaking French! Spoiler: They don’t actually know French.

heygen user interface for uploading videos to be translated
heygen user interface for uploading videos to be translated

AI Spotlight 🔦

Today we’re highlighting Cahill Camden, the founder of Press Jockey and Echo Jockey. Cahill, a Fractional CMO for web3 and tech companies, who specializes in optimizing growth and has achieved two successful exits and three founded companies. As a bestselling author and advocate for AI, web3, and tech innovations, Cahill embodies the importance of minority representation in tech. Celebrating Juneteenth reminds us of the need for diversity in AI to combat biases and ensure technology serves everyone fairly. Leaders like Cahill bring unique perspectives that drive the industry toward a more equitable future. Thank you Cahill for your contributions to the world of AI and tech!

Cahill has kindly given us a code to share with all of you to celebrate the release of Echo Jockey: Use AISMART30 to get +30% more pitches per month!

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