I’m a Mac

Today I bought my first Mac since BabyLegs, we had to use PC’s with our systems. I feel more excitement that I did with the official close of selling my business. There is something that Apple does so well when it comes to the visceral reaction of their products.

This excitement is something that I want everyday in my life. On my walk tonight I was reflecting on what else in my life gives me this feeling of satisfaction or rightness.

My daughter fills my heart with so much joy and contentment. If we spend time apart while she’s at school and I’m traveling the feelings we have for each other are more of appreciation and love with less of exhaustion and frustration. Sara needs and deserves a fresh Mama. As a family we value fun and respect. When Mama is having fun, everybody is having fun! Adults are the default leaders in our family and we set the tone for our children. If your family had a brand what would it be?

The Mac is now a constant reminder of the expectations that my daughter has of me. I’ve got to be hip and fun for her while providing systems for her to grow up integrated as a smoothly functioning member of society.