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I Think Social Media Stole Something From Me!

social media, entrepreneur, contentThe new (ish) cell phone driving laws in Oregon are killing me. I don’t like headsets and I can manage my phone just fine, thank you. So why are they taking away my phone during drive time? Social media made them.

I’m not trying to deny that the task of driving should be given its due attention, I am just saying that if that dude over there in the next lane is allowed to chow down on that Quarter Pounder and large Coke, shouldn’t it alright for me to hold a phone to my ear?

There are tons of people out there doing a lot more dangerous things in their car out on the road, so why do the phones lose? Like I said, social media. Social media and 16 year old girls that is. Ok, kidding. But really, the problem might just be how awesome all our apps for the social networks we have. Texting and talking is one thing, navigating the world of social media at 60 miles an hour is another.

social media, entrepreneur, business, marketingMy point is that social media deserves its due time and it isn’t something you can do (only) on the fly. Heck, my entire job is dedicated to it. Huge corporations have entire teams for this stuff, it’s no longer the world of indiscriminate status updates and ‘LOLs’ on a funny picture from the weekend.

So while I may not get to talk on the phone anymore without once of those really awesome headsets, I do have peace of mind that the fresh teenage driver next to me isn’t adding floating glitter animals to her Myspace or something. The social world is fun, but its serious too, it can’t be done well without some real focused time and energy behind it.

Be careful out there and give social media some time! Just not in your car.