Hurricane Sandy

hurricane sandy, social media

Hurricane Sandy has got me hunkered down at The Standard High Line in NYC. They just came by and delivered a glowstick and letter from the hotel manager. We were asked to keep both curtains closed to protect ourselves and others. All the public transportation is shutting down, my flight and hundreds of others have been cancelled. I was on hold with Delta Airlines for over 90 minutes before getting a rep to book my flight out, which they did but not until Wed. night. 2 more days in NYC, hotel secured, flight on Wed. Now it’s time to light up all the social networks to let them know what’s going on and get a game plan for the next few days.

Thanks to modern technology, I can post this and let my friends, family, Salty Waffle team, and other clients know what’s going on. If the power goes out I’ll post again when it’s up. Nothing to worry about, I’m 12 stories up in a new concrete building. Worse case I’ll eat out of the well stocked mini bar and do the hotel room workout in the latest issue of Shape magazine. Have a good night! Stay cozy.