Hurricane Sandy Pier 54 NYC

Wow! What a few hours its been! Pier 54 was entirely under water! Power co cut power as prevention. Wind gusts up to at least 100mph. Seawater flooding the streets, submersing cars, people stranded. Now the water is going down. I can see the pier again.

Water is off now too and a room full of hotel employees freaked out about not being able to flush. With the water in my tub I can just use that for flushing among other things. They hadn’t thought of that. The Standard may want to include that in their next disaster letter. Since it is the end of days, I’m sure they’ll need the training. I think this will be my last post before bed. Gotta do some jumping jacks for Nike Fuel points, brush my teeth and go to bed.

Thank you room 12.25 for letting me hang with you on the less windy side. BTW 12.25 was full of employees that had to stay the night here. About 150 in all from what I gather. The minibars will all have to be restocked in the morning I’m sure. Standard management, Please don’t charge them for it, there was no other food around. XO