How to spend time in Social media usefully

Social Media Time ConsumptionThere is a very tricky bit of semantics here, because useful is a very subjective word that is somewhat associated with “productive”. Social media is no place to be productive, because how on earth could you ever measure it.

If we concentrate on the word useful as a means of achieving a goal then the only goal you have to achieve on social media is to get people to like you. Whether you are on there for personal reasons or for your business, your main aim is to have people like you. Most would find it hard to believe that people log onto social media in order to be disliked.

If you are on social media for business purposes, there are two ways in which you may become liked, admired or followed. The first way is to add some sort of content. You need to add or post something onto your social media.

Social Media Time ConsumptionIt could be something such as a sample of your work, or a photo of your products, but your best bet it so keep it as fun and exciting as possible. Unless your product is very pleasing to look at then there is not much reason to post it on your social media site without a good reason.

People may tune into your social media site if you are posting images of your company’s most recent marketing stunt, such as riding a Land Rover over two thin pieces of your companies finest glass tubes? What about a picture of one of your staff members climbing a skyscraper? Add anything related to your company that will make an impact on the social media site user.

The second way to become liked is to engage in the conversations and profiles of others. This
may not seem like a very useful use of your time, but it is what social media is all about. When
you go to an ice rink, do you just hand out your business cards, or do you go for a skate too?

Social Media Time ConsumptionIf you socialize with people on social media, not only will you help increase the popularity of your profile, you may also learn a little bit about your target consumer. As fun as conversing via social media is–it does present the opportunity for doing a little bit of market research.

You are able to test the water with new marketing ideas, or take in people’s opinion about how your company is doing so far. You can get the opinions of people who have only just bought your product. You could even take in suggestions or run competitions.

You could do a poll of what people think of your new products or new offices. You could ask people what type of staff uniform you should buy. They will mistake your research for genuine interest (which is always good), and you get a free source of market research, which will only cost you time and nothing more.

If you feel like being a little bit cheeky, you could try to pull a few people away from their social media platform and onto your company’s website. It is often quite difficult to do this unless you catch some people in conversation about your products. Cold calling about your products and services is often the fastest way to get yourself un-followed or un-friended on social media sites, that is unless the people online are already talking about your products or related issues.

For example, if it was on someone’s Facebook wall that their sink was blocked, and your company sells express delivery sink unblockers then you could mention it on their wall and add a link to your website. Can you imagine however, that scenario if they were not already talking about it?

Social media was invented for online interaction. So as long as you are interacting in some way
whilst on your social media, then you are using your time online usefully.


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