How To Propel Your Music Career With ReverbNation: Manager Edition

Being a band manager is often like being a punter in the NFL.  People are only aware of your failures and never see all the hard work you put in behind the scenes when no one is watching.  ReverbNation makes it easier to operate and manage your musical artists so that you don’t have to deal with being the scapegoat anymore!

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With ReverbNation even Murray Hewitt could be a good band manager..

ReverbNation’s band manager system is very simliar to its record label system.  The manager is given a Central Artist Management system to manage their artists through (just like the record label uses).  This is great for managers who have several artists they are managing.  The Central Artist Management system organizes all of a manager’s artists and syncs all of their social networking sites into the central ReverbNation account.  From here, they can manage all of their operations in an effective and organized manner.

social media reverb nation
Street Team missions are a great way to promote your artists.

In addition to the Central Artist Management dashboard, managers are also given a Management Dashboard to operate the promotion-related tasks of being a manager.  The Management Dashboard allows for the manager to utilize FanReach, apps, widgets, newsletters, TunePaks, Press kits, Street Team Missions and much more.  These are valuable resources that allow band managers to better utilize the internet to network across large geographic areas in order to promote their artists and further develop a following around their music.

Managers can also access the Buzz Tracker and Stats Dashboard in order to track the progress of each and everyone one of their artists. ReverbNation provides a lethal arsenal of weapons for managers to use in the battlefield that is the music industry.