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How To: Locate And Hit Your “G” Spot

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100% Satisfaction Badge: Leave your check-in customers fully satisfied

Hey now people, that’s ‘G’ for geo-location, as in your business’ check-in spot. If your company has a physical location of any kind, here are 4 easy steps to getting your geo-location social media efforts hitting on all cylinders. In other words, it’s time to get physical.

We looked at which location based social media services people are using to check-in and now it’s time to learn how to make those check-ins count. Even with location  based social networks in their relative infancy, there is already a huge opportunity for your business to take advantage of.

If you ever use check-in services, you know that most of the places you check in to are not owned by the businesses. More often that not, they are user added locations with incomplete information and at best, a default picture assigned by Foursquare or whatever network you’re using.

The businesses that own their location profiles have a huge advantage. You can control what people see and the opportunities you offer them. You wouldn’t imagine not controlling what is on your Facebook page or your Twitter account so don’t let your location page slip through the cracks.

  1. Claim It: The first step is to adopt your page. If one hasn’t been created already, make an account and add the page to the database. You will need to do this on each of the location networks that you want to own for your business. Keep in mind that people use a variety of networks to check-in with so it doesn’t hurt to own them all. Start with Facebook Places, Foursquare, Yelp, and Gowalla. Foursquare may be the most common name in geo-location, but Yelp and Facebook have far more registered users. The links below will take you to guides on how to claim your page on each of the big networks.
  2. Fill It: Once you claim your business you can easily add helpful information for your visitors. Think about your address, contact information, business hours, profile picture, and links to your other social networks. Add helpful hints for having the best experience as well. Users will be able to leave tips behind on your page too and if you play it right, your location profile will be a treasure trove of insider tips and helpful hints that will make your customers excited and comfortable upon check-in.
  3. Deal It: Every one of these networks has the option to create deals and specials for the people that check-in. Take advantage of the built in game mechanics to encourage your customers to interact with your “G” spot. If they are offered something for a simple check-in, they are more likely to do it and encourage their friends to do so as well. Their check-ins will be worth the cost of offering the deal just because of the exposure that results from blasting their location to their networks.
  4. Feel It: Check-in along with your customers and see what they’re saying. You wouldn’t ignore someone coming into your place of business and you shouldn’t ignore people that check-in. You can choose to do this however you want, but be creative. Thanking them, leaving helpful tips, or joining existing conversations with support are all options.

Take control, if you’re fumbling around awkwardly trying to find your “G” spot and need more help than our guide here offers, hit us up, we’ll get you in one of social media classes we have online and you’ll be leaving customers satisfied on every encounter.