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How People of All Ages Are Using Social Media to Connect

How People of All Ages Are Using Social Media to Connect

Social Media to Connect

Since the earliest days of the Internet, some were predicting that it would change how people live in modern society. The first years of the World Wide Web had only a modest effect, but the booming popularity of social media is now transforming developed societies. In fact, people are now using social media to help them through many parts of their lives. Here is how social media is affecting people through phases of life.

1. Elementary school through high school
Many kids are learning to read on their computers, and even kids in elementary school are using social media to connect with their peers. Social media allows them to communicate with each other, play games and discuss schoolwork. Social media is actually proving to be useful to help kids learn their school lessons better. Kids in high school are using social media to coordinate activities with each other; inviting friends to a party or social gathering is trivially easy when using Facebook. In addition, schools are hosting pages that share important information with their students.

2. College
Students in college are some of the most active users of social media. When kids leave for college, they are using social media to connect with their friends who are going to different schools or entering the workforce. In this way, social media is preserving friendships that would have often become strained in past decades. College students are also often concerned about dating; social media provides ways for students to meet with other like-minded individuals and chat with them in a convenient manner. Further, many professors are using social media or social media-like platforms to host extra lessons or even online tests.

3. Young Adults
Young adults share many of the same concerns as college students, but many also deal with marriage and children. Social media has made coordinating a wedding far easier than it has been in the past; future brides and grooms can share information about the wedding and plan appropriately. Social media is also allowing young parents to connect with each other and share tips about how to best raise children. In the past, young parents often had difficulty finding parenting information. Today, a simple post will likely garner dozens of useful tips.

4. Middle Age
Young adults and people who are in the middle age years are using social media as a valuable career platform. Networking with other professionals can help one to succeed in the workplace, and a number of collaborative projects have spawned because of social media. Further, many businesses are using social media paradigms to create new office workflows. These platforms take the lessons of social media to provide instant project updates, tracking and more regular communication.


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