Help Us Save The Internet

Congress is looking at a bill designed to help stop piracy on the internet, but has language and provisions in it that could be severely abused and drastically limit freedom of speech on the internet. It threatens web-based companies like our own, Odd Dog’s, and many other’s ability to do business if passed.

Please consider this message and take a minute to sign this open letter to Congress. Thanks!

“I know you’re busy, but as a web-based company we felt it worthwhile to write an open letter to Congress about the Protect IP legislation that could dramatically affect the ability for companies like ours to do business. While the bill aims to disrupt piracy, most experts have agreed that it will do little to actually battle piracy and instead will impose radical censorship on the Internet in a way that could potentially kill off start up companies like ours.

Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other web firms have spoken out against the bill, but with entertainment groups outspending the tech industry in lobbying by more than 10-to-1, this is a hard fight.

I was hoping you could take a couple minutes to read the short letter we wrote: If you feel strongly about supporting it, we’d love your signature and any help you can provide to help get the word out about this legislation.

If it passes, the Internet could potentially stop being the free and open arena in which companies like ours have been able to flourish.

Thanks for your time.

-Lee (Found on LinkedIn Today)”

The open letter is here, take a few minutes if an open internet is important to you!