Guest Blogging To Jumpstart Your Retail Business Blog

Want an easy way to jumpstart or introduce new viewers to your blogs quickly? Looking for a couple credible guest bloggers might be your key to success. Strategic partnerships are a great way you can build your retail business vertically. If you’re able to get credible guest bloggers with great content, you can introduce their followers to your retail business while giving your loyal followers a special treat. Many bloggers would jump at the opportunity to create content for your credible site, but lets go over how to make sure you’re getting the right blogger to build your media, guest blogging, blogger, blog, retail business


Before you ever compose that first email to a possible guest blogger, read some of the content they have posted on their blogging platforms. Look into which topics/posts that create the most conversation.  At the same time, make sure the content is relatable to your viewer base. If you have a guest blogger that normally blogs about cell phone sales post about wine tasting, your viewers won’t view it as credible. Make sure they’re an expert on the subject and will deliver something your customers will learn from.


Time to do the dirty work. Start by posting a comment on the articles you like. Then email them and tell them you follow their blog and would be grateful for the opportunity to have them blog on your site. Almost all of them will say yes, because after all it’s in their best interest to increase their exposure.

Propose An Idea

After you’ve done your homework and learned which blogs will build conversations, ask the guest blogger if they’d consider writing an article with that content. Giving them a game plan will increase the chances the article is a hit on your blog.

Guest bloggers are everywhere and want to contribute their expertise. Time to do a little research and begin looking for a different voice on your retail business blog.