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FanMix: An Amazing Tool For Managing (multiple) Social Media Accounts

fanmix, multiple social accounts, email, social inbox, salty waffleI saw this piece on a tool called FanMix in the Apps section of The Next Web blog and just had to give it a try. So glad I did! If you have ever felt overwhelmed managing multiple social accounts, you need to give this a try.

FanMix is a great tool that links up Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and ’email-ifies’ your social interactions. You can check and manage all your conversations and notifications from one place that works just like an email inbox. There is no more missing messages or forgetting to reply!

I’m sure they plan to add more networks to the capabilities soon, but even with just LinkedIn, FB, and Twitter, it is a huge help, especially as someone who manages many pages on Facebook and a multitude of Twitter accounts. I simply check my FanMix, reply to pertinent messages, and archive everything that is not important or that I’ve responded to.

Highly recommended right here, if things continue to go well with it, it will have a huge impact on how I manage my accounts and I know it can help you too! Give it a try right here!