Family Focus Friday: 9 Social Media Sites For Kids Part 4

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community, social media kids, social media familyTo conclude this series, we will review the last 3 social media sites for kids. To see the first set, check out Part 2, for the second set see Part 3, and for an introduction on these sites see Part 1.

7) Handipoints: is a virtual community for families where children’s everyday “real world” chores earn them big prizes and new adventures in a safe online environment that is controlled and monitored by parents. Handipoints is different from any other site covered in this series because it encourages children to do tasks related to chores, homework, health, and hygiene. Here is a Web Review of the site:

8) KidzClix: is a website for children of elementary and middle school age. On the site kids are able to create their own avatar used to play games and chat with friends. There are many different activities on the site. Topics include: games, science, cooking, art, and math. The social aspect is built into online forums, chat rooms, and message boards, open only to KidzClix members, where kids can connect with other members, sharing ideas and having real-time conversations.

9) Club Penguin: is a social media site that allows kids to connect and play in an online world. Upon sign up, you create a penguin as your avatar. Then, once you enter the world you can walk around and talk to other penguins and play games. One thing that sets this site apart is their use of social media for global change. On their site they have projects to help others in need. They do this by donating a portion of their proceeds to worldwide causes. They also work with the Club Penguin kids to help them understand and believe their actions can make a difference. Here is a video about their coins for change program.


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