Family Focus Friday: 9 Social Media Sites For Kids Part 3

Last Friday we talked about social media sites KIDO’Z, Glubble, and Whyville in Part 2. This week we will cover the next three kid friendly social media sites:

4) KidsTube: is a family-friendly video sharing site. As the name suggests it is like YouTube for kids. The site has video uploading, blogs, and groups. To keep the environment safe, there are member rules, which include:

  • Leave only respectful and encouraging comments
  • No profanity
  • Never give or ask for personal information
  • Post only your own stuff or what you have permission to post

KidsTube enforces these rules by kicking violators off the site: “KidsTube is a fun place, but if you break the rules, you will no longer be able to share with us.”

5) KidZui: is a kid friendly browser made for children ages 3 -12. There is a place for kids to watch YouTube and music videos, plan games, and search a safe version of the web. Here is an explanatory video:


6) Webkinz: One thing that sets this site apart is the fact that before entering you are prompted to enter a language. Thus it is great for kids of many languages (14 to be exact)! In addition, this social media site is linked to an actual product. Kids purchase a toy pet from the store, then register their pet with the online site. The pet serves as the child’s avatar. They use their pet avatar as they go to different pet’s rooms, chat, and play games with each other. Take a tour. Below is an example of the plush pets that can be purchased then linked to the site.  

Tune in next Friday for an explanation of the final 3 social media sites for kids.