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Ending World Hunger With A Grilled Cheese And A Side Of Social Media

social entrepreneurship, social media, social media class, social media vocabulary, entrepreneurSo not only does it seem logical that a Salty Waffle would be friends with a tasty grilled cheese sandwich, but the people behind all the cheesy goodness have a love for entrepreneurship and social media too. FeelGood World is an organization that started at the University of Texas with the simple idea of taking donations toward ending hunger in exchange for grilled cheese sandwiches served on campus.

They believe that everyone has the ability to do something, even its small, to start affecting change on a global scale. FeelGood is the vehicle they have built to empower members to get started and it is awesome not just for the obviously noble mission, but for some of the ways they are working toward it.

FeelGood World has developed a strong network to support the spread of chapters from college campus to college campus. This network is powered by their website and a strong social media effort that includes a Causes page, a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, and Twitter account. Chapter leaders connect with FeelGood leaders via Skype and Facebook and the website itself has a sort of social network that allows member to earn funding for their chapters through tasks and competitions.

In addition to the overall mission of ending world hunger in our lifetime, FeelGood also hopes to give students valuable entrepreneurial experience and influence a generation of social entrepreneurs. Running a chapter is like running a business and 100% of the profits are put into organizations that work to end world hunger.

A great mission, a tasty food, and love for the entrepreneurial all in one place wasn’t something we could pass up telling you about. It’s just another great example how the power of social media and the power of strong networking can create some awesome possibilities and save start-ups like these (especially non-profits) a ton of money.

Social media is becoming the home of charities and non-profits and it makes sense. The power there is obvious and nothing is a more social matter than banning together to end the ills so many in the world suffer from.