E-mail Marketing: 5 Steps To Success

With all these new social media tools at our disposal, it’s easy to overlook the tried and true methods. Email marketing is still an easy and efficient way to get a message to your target customer base quickly. A lot of retail businesses get stuck figuring out how to build an extensive email base. Fortunately it is a lot easier than you may think. Look through these 7 ways to build your customer email base and see which ones you can use for your retail business. email marketing, steps, retail business, retail, business, social media, social marketing

  1. Business card: Let customers know they can sign up by putting a website to visit on the back of your business card.
  2. Contests: make the contest sign-up username their email
  3. Discount: People are always looking for great deals. In trade for their email send them a special promotional offer.
  4. Incentive: create an ’email only’ discount that you don’t offer anywhere else.
  5. Referral: if a customer refers someone and you get their email, give them a discount
People won’t want to do it for free. Give them something in exchange for this valuable information. These customers are the ones that will keep your business rolling. Time to start getting your email numbers up and benefiting off this trusted way of marketing.