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Did You Know? Facebook Will Let Your Download All Your Stuff! Photos, Videos, etc.

social media, facebook back up, save facebook information, download facebook photos, salty waffleWho knew! Facebook has a back-up system built right in that allows you to download a zip file of the contents of your profile. I did it the other day and it worked great. Who knows what this means for applications like SocialSafe, but it was very easy to use and convenient to have built into Facebook itself.

If you’re worried about ever losing your Facebook data or want a hard copy of pictures you have online, give it a try:

Log in > Click on ‘Account’ in the top right corner > Select ‘Account Settings’ > On the bottom left under the language option will be a small hyperlink that says ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’. Click it and your off!

social media, facebook, download facebook information, salty waffle, back up facebook, save pictures from facebook
Try it out, you never know!