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Porn, Millennials, and Blogs: 10 Social Media Facts That Will Surprise You

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the new kings of social media and they have brought social media from it’s infancy to fully-fledged business machine. Social media adoption among small companies doubled last year from 12% to 24%. Companies big and small are finding the value in being able to locate, listen to, and engage customers where they are online. Blogs are the powerful center of online engagement and social media outlets are the locating and engaging arms.

Here are some facts that may shock you about the way social media, especially blogs, and business are becoming inseparable:

  1. 27% of bloggers are employed by the traditional media. (Blogs are the information and content highway of the future and the media knows it!)
  2. 35% of the general population get their news from blogs and social media.
  3. Self-employed bloggers now make up 21% of all bloggers, up from just 9% last year.
  4. Of professional bloggers, 19% say that their blog is their business.
  5. Of all bloggers, 81% use Facebook to promote their blog.
  6. 64% of those Facebook users use it to interact with their customers on behalf of their company as well.
  7. 88% of professional bloggers use Twitter.
  8. Social media powerhouses Twitter and Facebook drive more traffic each than listing on Google or even paid online advertising. And it’s not even close.
  9. 46% of consumers say they trust traditional media less than they did 5 years ago and 39% believe blogs will supply almost all information and news in the future.
  10. 96% of millenials, aka the generation now powering the economy, have a social media account of some kind.

Bonus Fact: Social media has overtaken pornography as the #1 activity on the web. If you think that is crazy, check out the video below.

Social media is here to stay and you and your business can’t thrive without it. Think about this, Facebook gets more traffic than Google.

“Social media isn’t a fad, its a fundamental shift in the way we communicate” – Socialnomics