Crave Symposium

Branding and business model are my assigned areas of expertise to contribute to 6 think tank sessions today. Eighty women who own businesses will also focus their energy on 6 lucky businesses.

The first focus is on Belle Boudoir and the photographer, Cheryl Jones that started the company. Cheryl photographs women in a boudoir setting most often as a gift for her beloved. The photos are sensual and sexy while remaining tasteful. What a fun way to start the day!

Next up, Minx,, Pomp Visual Design & Style, Gwendolyn Allis, and Likas Organic Designs.

Gotta go, Lara Eve Felton from Biznik just called my name to go talk about my story and the Salty Waffle….

Ok, I’m back, and now home in my PJ’s with my head swirling.

Those six businesses were lucky to have the attention, and brave for the beating they endured. Question after question about how, why, when, where, how much, how many, over and over again by a new group for 3 rotations. Wow.

So many good ideas came out of each session. If these ladies can implement just one idea in the next 6 months this will have been a success.

The question that bubbled to the top for me is: Do I need to narrow my prospects?