Cloud Washing

Sitting here at MIT in class we are hearing all about “The Cloud”. 100% of the business owners in the room use solutions for their businesses. Have you heard enough about it yet?

“For the wannabe cloud washlings out there, here is the cloud marketing playbook:

  • Create a new consulting service to help cloud customers feel assured.
  • Dust off old CD boxes, apply white out liberally, change words like “network,” “storage” and “software” to “cloud” and “SaaS”. Give no thought to actual meaning of any terms.
  • Form an industry consortium for the purpose of gathering luddites in the spirit of creating standards that will save the dinosaurs.
  • Announce cloudy partnerships simply because a fusion of synergy always means 1+1=3.
  • Call everything a cloud service just for effect, even if it is simply a basic IT service. Cloud is a way bigger tent than any of us ever realized.
  • Convince customers they need cloud management tools in addition to the management tools they already have. Apparently the cloud broke the old tools, or was that the Internet’s fault?”

cloud washing