Clear Values

Values: A collection of guiding, usually positive principles; what one deems to be correct and desirable in life, especially regarding personal conduct.

“Once your values are clear, decisions are easy.” – Walt Disney

Not long ago, the creators of The Nurse Next Door took their team of employees out to dinner and asked them “Why are you here?”. Every person at that table answered “To make lives better.” Within that moment, the shared principles of those individuals became the guiding force behind their organization. The value here was one of shared ideals and shared goals. In establishing a shared sense of values, this group of healthcare professionals was then able to recognize where their deeper strengths lay. With everyone focused on the same goals, they were able to build an alliance of people in their industry with the right skill sets and the right energy to make their dreams a working reality.The Nurse Next Door went on to be awarded “The Best Company to Work for in British Columbia” in 2008 and 6th place in the 2009 Franchise Satisfaction Awards Top 50 List by the Franchise Business Review.

Is what you are doing today a reflection of your desires? Is it a reflection of your talent? Is it a reflection of your values? If you’re in an environment where the answer to all of those questions is a flat no, then consider yourself stuck. You’re stuck and staring back at someone’s elses reflection. Now imagine that your answer to those questions is a resounding YES! Imagine the wealth of energy, inspiration and motivation you would find if you knew that what you are doing is something you believed in and that you are doing it with people working to achieve the same thing.

So…Can you hear your own heart beating or is it someone elses?