Cleaning Up Social Media Connection With MOPS

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community, social media kids, social media family, social media mothersMOPS, aka Mothers of Preschoolers, is a social media site that exists to connect mothers to provide them with friendship, community and resources. Here is an informational video about the site:


1) MOPS Groups: are communities that strive to meet the needs of every mom with children from birth through kindergarten. Groups physically meet in person (either once a week or once a month) as well as online. The groups provide you with

  • Community: MOPS provides an open, caring, and accepting atmosphere where women can come together to share this important season of life.
  • Mentoring: Mature women listen, encourage, and offer information and perspectives gained through experience.
  • Practical Instruction: Teaching focuses on areas of common interest, offering inspiration and information that is relevant to the life of a mother.

There are many different types of groups available: classic, teen, military, Spanish, international and more.

2) Mom Resources: On the site there are many different resources for moms to explore. There are informational articles on all kinds of different topics, such as: momology, Mentor Mom, Military Moms, Mom Moments, and Help. In addition to this, there are fun photo, writing, and recipe contests that take place each year.

3) Forums: There are also forums available where moms can talk to each other for encouragement and help. Forum topics include: MOPS Issues, Moms Like Me, and Mothering Issues.

4) Events: In addition to meeting other moms through the internet and your MOPS group, there are many events that you can attend. There is the Great Moms Walk, Treasures of the Heart, and Leadership Summit events that are upcoming. The biggest event hosted is the MOPS International Convention. The 2011 convention took place only a few weeks ago (August 4-6) in Nashville, TN. Check out the website for next year’s conference.

There is also a great abundance of information at the MOPS YouTube Channel. Another awesome part of MOPS is that there is a community for mothers who are seeking christian fellowship. They have a Facebook page specifically designed for this group.