Case of the Missing Comment: How I Just Took Beat Down From TechCrunch

Tom Cruise, Foursquare, and my missing Comment

If you know me, you know I am pretty nerdy when it comes to technology. This being the case, one of my daily practices is to hop on TechCrunch and check out the latest articles. That explains why this morning around 3am or so, I commented on a very interesting post of theirs entitled ‘Cruise Control’. The post talked about Foursquare, location, the future of mobile sales, and had some references to the movie Minority Report.

What is yet to be explained is why that comment has since been removed. I commented about the article I wrote over a month ago for the blog here at Salty Waffle that had some similar references and conclusions about Foursquare. I linked to the article here at Salty Waffle to allow readers and maybe the writer see the similarities and to provide a slightly different take on the matter.

All in good humor. Or so I thought. When I woke up this morning, I went back to the article to see if anyone had left comments after mine. What I found was that my comment and link to my article had since been removed.

Interesting to say the least. At first I didn’t assume the author, the incomparable MG Siegler, took anything from me. I don’t claim or believe to be the only one to have thought of Minority Report as related to Foursquare. What did get me mad was the removal of my link to an article that has some very clear similarities. That made me suspicious and yes, a little hurt. Here is one of my favorite blogs and favorite writers, beating me and one of my favorite articles down.

All I want is my comment back up, and yes, if my article in any way helped him think of his content, to throw me and the Salty Waffle some credit. After all, he did post video of the exact scene I described and guess who is the number one result on Google when you search ‘Tom Cruise Foursquare’? M-E, not MG.

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For quick reference here is a link to my article and one to his

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