Business Apps Made For Your Facebook Pages

Did you know that there are numerous ways you can improve your Facebook Page by using Facebook’s business apps? There are many apps designed for expanding the abilities of your fan page. Some of these are free, some are paid. Chances are, if you have seen something cool on a fan page that you don’t normally see, it is the result of an app.

• Social RSS: This business app allows you to include your blog or other beloved RSS feeds on your wall or other tab.

• Payment E-Commerce Storefront: This app enables millions of Facebook users to find out about your products with a built in storefront.

• Easypromos: This is a business app for adding promotions to your Facebook profile or page. With it, you can customize and manage fun promotions right on Facebook.

• SlideShare: is the world’s biggest community for sharing presentations and their Facebook app allows you to easily import your presentations to your Facebook page.

• LinksAlpha.com: using this business app you can publish your updates to Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yahoo automatically.

• App Builder: this app gives you the ability to create your own app for Facebook. You can build  an app without having any knowledge about any programming language. It is completely free and easy to use.

• Contact Tab: using this business app you can easily show your business’ location and contact information via Google and Bing Maps.

• YouTube Video Box: it is one of the best apps provided by Facebook. You can synchronize your YouTube account with Facebook, share videos with your friends and watch your friends’ favorite videos.

• Novelo: This is a free commerce application that allows different stores and brands to sell their product right from Facebook. Its beta version was launched on April 2011 and there are already more than 5,000 users selling their products with Novelo.

Daniel K. Lebrun is from Exams King. He has been blogging from last 3 years and is a Professional Content Writer and also SEO guru. He is full of experience and these days he is busy in BH0-012 Certifications. He gets pleasure from Blogging.