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Get Things Done: Our Top Productivity Tools

As a modern agency, our team is largely distributed. For some that may sound like a communication nightmare, but we are able to run a tight ship with the help of a few tools.

Here’s a list of a few of the tools we use everyday:

Salty Waffle Social Automation Tool

Shameless plug? Nope: we actually use the Salty Waffle tool every day for managing both our client’s and our own social media. Beyond just basic social media automation, the Salty Waffle tool is capable of scheduling social media posts via RSS feed or an uploaded spreadsheet. Speaking of scheduling, Salty captures data from our posts and suggests optimal times for engagement. Salty also has access to robust, real-time analytics across all of your social media accounts and lets you easily run and build custom reports.


Canva is a great CMS for keeping your brand in line. Canva is full of simple, clean, customizable formats for social media posts, so you don’t alway need to fire up a graphic design app. It also allows you to upload your, brand fonts, brand colors, and logos so your custom assets always align with your brand.


Organizing projects across teams can be a chore in itself, but Trello makes project management that much easier. It features a list-style layout, allowing us to get a overview of several projects, as well as their progress and needs. Trello also has deadline reminders, photo and file uploads, team-member tagging, Google Drive integration, and push notifications, Trello helps our team stay on top of everything. Bonus: it also has an excellent mobile app.


If Trello keeps our projects in check, Slack keeps our team in constant communication. Slack lets us set up custom, designated chat groups (or video chat groups) for various projects or teams, and integrates with any number of other apps (over 1000 at the time of writing) for file sharing and real-time collaboration.

Google Drive

Given all of the above, it should come as no surprise that our team shares a lot of files, often times our team may need access to files at various times of day. Enter Google Drive, which is an excellent tool for sharing, storing, and live file editing.

These are just a few of our favorites. Do you use any of these? What apps you use to get stuff done? Let us know in the comments.