Awesomeness Awesomer

That’s what my hubby just called me last night. Now I just have to live up to that. Today Sara was out of school hanging with Joel and I had a day full of meetings, starting with Parent Teacher Conferences at her school. That went well. She’s awesome too. Sara still writes her 7’s backwards though. We’ll work on that.

Off to my first business meeting where his previous meeting went long and he was over an hour late, so I set up office in their waiting area and worked. With dogs at my feet and wifi I never mind hanging there. For my next meeting I had to park in expensive $18 parking and then Todd wasn’t there! So, here I am, in an office with a great view working. I’m going to take advantage of this time to write, research, and check emails.

Todd Dean, there’s a copy of my book on your desk!

There is also an awesome marketing firm here in the office, Nology, with whom I want to do business, so in a few we’ll chat about that. Then off to my IP meeting.

Do you think if I took a credit card number that would be charged $500 for a no show I’d have better luck? I’d have my time and $1K today! Maybe it’s just the phase of the moon and I’m supposed to have some idle work time. Whatever it is, the soup here is fantastic and I’m thankful to have time to exert my awesomeness via email.