Are You Light Stalking Me?

The saying goes you give credit where credit is due. For example if I write a well written and interesting article you should share it with your friends and family (shameless plug). Just kidding, but not really. Or if your mother cooks a great meal for you should say “Hey mom, thanks for cooking a delicious dinner, it was truly wonderful”. This is something I admittedly tend to forget. The same goes for capturing and creating beautiful photos. I came upon a website called Light Stalking that does a great job of this.

LightStalking.com is a great website that appreciates beautiful photography. Their mission is to acknowledge talented photographers by displaying their brilliant work. At the core it is about recognition but the site is much more than that. LightStalking.com is great for someone who has just picked up their first DSLR and has no idea what an aperture or shutter speed is. They have articles that range from all talent levels and interests. Topics range from “Dramatic Shadows, Awesome Portraits” to “7 sites to sell your stock photographs”. And since photography have sects in itself they have develop forums for different kinds of groups: HDR, Black and White, Landscape, Micro, Portraits, etc. Talk to people who care about what you care about.

Congratulations to Chris Gin for winning the Landscape Photography Competition

I have found myself reading a lot of their tutorials on some Photoshop and Lightroom techniques. The website also holds competitions. Its latest one was on Landscape Photography and candidates submit their photos around the world. Light Stalking has accumulated a huge following with 267k followers on Twitter and 18k on Facebook. For artists coming up it is a great way for you to showcase your work to photography enthusiasts around the world. So go check out the Lightstalking.com, it’s fun, it’s educational, it’s inspiring and don’t worry you won’t be dubbed a creeper if you do. After all, I have to give credit to this awesome site because it does deserve it.