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Are People Who Use Foursquare Sad? [Infographic/Animation]

Last month, Foursquare passed 10 million users. In October I wrote how they had just hit 3 million….

That’s crazy. You can feel the difference too. Since we started using Foursquare there has been a significant increase in the number of people checking in, deals offered, and venues operated by the actual businesses (just recently hitting 500,000). Everyone is realizing the potential of owning their ‘G’ spot. Bigger numbers make the game better and check-in smoother, all the while moving the network toward becoming a community that actually has the power to connect people in the physical world on the fly.

In honor of them reaching 10 million, they put together an awesome infographic that includes everything from a heat map of users to an illustrated look at the sentiment of check-ins. Take a look and get your location groove on. Have a Salty Friday!

[Click to Enlarge and Animate]

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