App of the Week


This app of the week is for the cooks, wannabe chefs, and pretty much anyone who needs to prepare something to eat.  The app of the week is going to be really useful if you like cooking or if you’re looking to learn.

Here is some insight on the app of the week: Epicurious

Epicurious App

Really easy to use buttons with a large search option and handy buttons make Epicurious a very easy app to navigate.

Epicurious App of the week

By pressing one of the preset buttons, in this case Fast Breakfasts, Epicurious quickly highlights recipes in that category.  You can scroll through hundreds of recipes that include the name of the dish, a picture, and a user rating.

Viewing the recipe lets you browse through the instructions and ingredient list.  Which leads you to the most useful function of this app.  Pressing the + button beside the recipe name allows you to bring up a menu.

Epicurious app options

You can save the menu by adding it to favorites, sharing it with your friends through social media, or adding the recipe to the shopping list.

The Shopping List allows you to browse through any recipes you’ve saved to this list and select them to see the necessary ingredients.  Epicurious will separate the ingredients to the different sections they can be found at the store to make grocery shopping fast.  It will even list any cooking supplies you will need to prepare the dish in case you need to borrow something from a friend.

Happy cooking!