App of the Week


If you’re anything like me and have trouble tracking how much money you’re spending well I’m glad to say that there’s an App to keep you honest even if your wallet might not agree.

Introducing: PageOnce

This nifty little app will allow you to sync all your accounts to your phone whether it be a bank account, credit card, insurance, brokerage account and even travel rewards points.  You just select the type of account and then type in the name of the company that you do business with.

After you’re finished signing into PageOnce with your accounts you can view your balances on the overview or home screen page.

The overview is a brief summary of all the cash, bills, investments, credit card debt and other accounts you wished to link to the app.  I noticed that I was -$361 in credit card debt and quickly pressed the button to see what was up.

Shame on me!  It turns out I was 4 days late on one of my credit card bills which isn’t good news for my credit rating.  But at least I was made aware of the problem before high interest rates decided to shake down my savings!

PageOnce also has some nifty features like being able to pay your bills directly from the app, but I am personally using it as an easy way to keep track of my finances and hopefully stay away from lengthy lineups at the bank.

If you want an easy way to merge your Financial accounts together on your mobile phone PageOnce might be right for you.  Give it a whirl it’s free.