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Aliens Real: FBI, Facebook Confirm

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"First I'ma disrobe ya, then I'ma probe ya"

The famous Roswell incident has always been the story believers in flying saucers and alien life point to as some kind of proof. Conspiracy theories and rumors about a supposed crash landing of alien ships in New Mexico and the shrouded nature of Area 51 leave many wondering if something extraterrestrial did happen all those years ago.

Well, it turns out there might be a little more to the rumors than just stories of little green men and unpleasant probing experiences. Yesterday (or not, keep reading), the FBI released a formerly Top Secret (or not, keep reading) document to it’s public vault. The document, a memo from an informant to an FBI agent written about the Roswell incident, outlines flying saucers, recovered alien bodies, and even autopsies on the ‘3 foot tall’ humanoid lifeforms.

There is much debate over whether or not the document is authentic or not and although it actually is an official document and does exist in the FBI’s database, it doesn’t necessarily prove the pesky rumors about UFO’s and other life visiting earth. The memo is simply a report from an unknown informant to an FBI agent. One might assume that something this earth shattering would create more paperwork than one sketchy memo in 1950. But hey, maybe they are holding on to the rest of the documents.

The news of this memo has been spreading across various news sites and surprise, surprise, social networks. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and others, the tantalizing possibilities of an FBI document confirming the long-living reports of strange events in New Mexico drove a record amount of traffic to the FBI’s website. There you can read the full memo, part of which is below.

Gizmodo has a great article outlining what this document means and what it doesn’t mean here. The document is legitimately hosted on the FBI’s website, but sadly for alien believers there are few things that just don’t quite add up:

  1. The memo has been publicly available for years.
  2. It was never technically classified.
  3. The only reason it has made a reappearance now is because the FBI rolled out a new database system over the last week and some news agencies failed to realize that this ‘alien memo’ had been there all along.
  4. There is a fraud conviction related to all these rumors and the events spoken of in the memo are just a few more sketchy third and fourth hand reports by regular, possibly crazy people looking for cash.
  5. These aren’t the only documents related to saucer incidents and this memo doesn’t even mesh with all of those.

So, we’re back to square one on aliens, but maybe they are out there somewhere and just don’t have flying saucers, who knows?What we do know is that the FBI just learned how to use Facebook to it’s advantage, because I’m thinking that this might just have been part of their social media strategy to publicize their newly revamped public document ‘vault’. If so, bravo, it certainly got the word out and drove a great deal of traffic to their site. Aliens and saucers? Perfect material to set the social world abuzz with just enough to make everyone want to check it out.

Now, please look into the light and enjoy the rest of your day.