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Activate Emotion

Dali Heads, Social mediaSalvador Dali was a master of Activating Emotion. His work might make you sick to your stomach, feel lonely, or cry. When I was in Barcelona last fall I took a day trip to visit Dali’s home in the Catalan resort of Cadaqués after visiting his museum in Figueres.

In the taxi ride back I couldn’t help but cry for the sadness expressed around the death of his love Gala. He may have been crazy but he was crazy for the love of his life, he worked with such passion. Dali created many pieces of work, all openly expressing raw emotion.

You may or may not choose such controversial content, but you most certainly can evoke the emotions of your audience. Social media provides many diverse vehicles in which you can connect with those that mean the most to you.

Give your audience something that moves them, they will tell a friend.

Intel did something amazing with MightyGirl.com, they paid for several items on her Mighty Life List aka a Bucket List. She gave Intel credit for each item: “Intel is making my site more interesting by sponsoring my life list over the next few months. So they paid for my tap shoes and studio time. Thanks, Intel!”

That is a perfect example of how one company can work with a blogger to benefit her life so dramatically that others are compelled to talk to her and about her and Intel. Way to activate emotion Intel!