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7 Ways To Get Free Press

It’s a new year and maybe you think its time people start noticing your awesome business. The problem is, you don’t have a million dollars to throw down on a Super Bowl commercial. No worries, you don’t have to spend money to get noticed. In addition to the basic social media avenues of Facebook and Twitter, here are 7 ways to get cheap or free press.

1.  Press releases: write and release press releases consistently for special events or awards that your company is involved with, email them to specific journalists. Check out HARO also. (Help A Reporter Out)

2.  Write articles: create content that is useful to customers and will attract people with similar interests. Share your experiences and offer personal perspectives.

3.  Newsletters: publish a newsletter for your customers, this will keep your business and product on people’s mind throughout the year.

4.  Speak publicly: chances are you are an expert on something, sharing that information in a presentation format emphasizes that you are an expert. People want to buy from experts.

5.  Radio: advertising on the radio costs money, but being interviewed does not. Call in to shows that relate to your business or are popular among members of your target market.

6.  Online Forums: participate in relevant forums and offer useful information. You can’t advertise, but communication with your potential customers gets your name out and you can leave contact information with your posts.

7.  Letters to the editor: Getting a letter published is free publicity.  A well done letter may help you establish the editor as a contact which could be beneficial when the time comes for him or her to choose a press release.

These free opportunities do take time and persistence, but have unlimited return on investment potential.