7 Features of Missional Outreach Network

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community, social media missionAn excellent social media site for mission work is the Missional Outreach Network. The site was created by James Nored, a speaker on Missional Church Outreach and Christian Spiritual gifts. He hosts seminars around the country and created MON (Missional Outreach Network) to provide you with missional resources.As a member you have the opportunity to get into a community of missionaries to share your stories and gifts. The main features of the site are:

1) Seeking: This tab is full of great articles on how to seek a missional lifestyle. Under each article people are able to leave comments and discuss the content. There is also information on children’s ministry, social networking, and church planting, as well as some location based missional information.

2) Serving:The serving section focuses on ways that you can serve others. There are 7 groups in this category that you can join. Each group has a description and tells the number of members. These include:

3) Sharing:This section is filled with 8 groups that were created to share ideas with one another. The groups include:

4) Story of Redemption: The Story of Redemption tells the overall story of salvation and God’s plan for humanity.. It is an 8 Part series for bible studies to go through together.

5) Spiritual Gifts: This section provides users with an overview of the types of spiritual gifts and prompts people to buy a study. There is also a group section where people can come together and talk about spiritual gifts.

6) Small Groups: This section provides resources on hosting a small group. The group called Missional Group Life is an ongoing conversation on the place and role of group life in nurturing a missional impulse. There are currently 43 members chatting about small groups. There are also DVD series that you can purchase for your small group to go through together.

7) Forum: In addition to all these others sources, there is a massive amount of resources in this section. There are 15 categories of discussion forums you can participate in. One forum that is helpful in getting started with the site is the “Getting Started” forum. One article in this forum discusses how you can join in and/or make your own groups.

This site is filled with rich information for any believer.

Discussion Questions:
1) Have you heard of this site before?
2) If so, do you use it? How?
3) If no, what do you think?