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5 Tips For Saving Time On Twitter

twitter, save time on twitter, twitter tips, social media, salty waffleIf you have been trying to build up your Twitter skills and enhance your social media strategy with your tweeting and following, we have some tips that will help save you some time. Many thanks to Leyl Black for inspiration on this awesome list.

  1. Follow Other’s Lists: Chances are, there is a comprehensive list of people to follow related to your industry that someone else has already built. A great resource for finding these lists is Listorious.
  2. Make Microlists: Use hashtags, groups of people, and keyword searches to manage all that noise coming into your Twitter feed. You can use one of many different services to divide your stream into relevant conversations. Try out Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, two of our personal favorites.
  3. Automate: There is really only one thing we recommend automating on Twitter and that is scheduling out tweets ahead of time. Our favorite services for this are Hootsuite, Timely, and Buffer. You can use other services to automate things like following your new followers or sending DM’s to new followers, but generally that is an outdated and spammy practice. Personal is always best!
  4. Recycle and Reuse: If you are producing a lot of content, there is a good chance that each piece didn’t get it’s fair share of time on Twitter. Go back through your blog and schedule tweets to publicize those articles again. You can even ReTweet and old tweet to the same piece of content to save time. You followers will appreciate tweets linking to articles they may have missed alongside the fresh tweets.
  5. Work In Teams: Teach those working with you effective ways to tweet and some simple etiquette. More minds means more diverse tweets and you never know what might identify with just the right follower and earn you a valuable RT. Not only that, having a group that can tweet means there is a lesser chance that your Twitter stream is quiet for too long and guarantees that not one person has to shoulder the entire tweet load. (Hootsuite is great for working teams)

If you want more tips on Twitter, do a quick search for ‘twitter’ up in the top right hand corner, we have quite a few Twitter related articles and lists. If you want to really take it to the next level though, try out one of social media classes, you’ll really get to dive in and have some hands-on time with tools, strategies, and navigating the twittersphere.