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5 Blogging Services Square Off For Best Uptime

social media, social media integration, saltywaffle, salty waffle, content, blogging, blogIf you are trying to start writing for the web, you may be looking around for the best blogging service out there. Content is the center of social media integration and without a good blog service, you can’t get that content out to your people. We use WordPress here at Salty Waffle, but that doesn’t mean its the only good one out there.

Pingdom.com, which is a site that monitors the uptime of websites all over the web just came out with the results of a study they conducted over the last 2 months. The study: Which blogging services are the most reliable? They looked at 5 of the biggest ones out there; Posterous, WordPress, Typepad, Blogger, and Tumblr and then monitored the amount of downtime for each one.

The tests were conducted from October 15th through December 15th and were done from multiple locations. For fairness, the homepage and then four random blogs from each service were monitored for the duration of the test. (Different blogs can be hosted on different servers even on the same service, so the idea is try and get the best average)

The results were pretty good overall, not so much for Tumblr. Though experiencing rapid growth this year, Tumblr has had some technical difficulties in the last few months and the tests showed it. The winner? Google owned Blogger, followed closely by WordPress and Typepad.

social media, social media integration, blogging, content, salty waffle, saltywaffle

Check out this graph and take a deeper look at the results from Pingdom’s blog if you are trying to decide on a service of your own. We have been happy with WordPress and sure recommend it, but like a lot of things online, there are so many great options that its really all about personal taste and getting the perfect set of features for you.

Let us know what you have been using, are thinking about trying out, or have used in the past. Rave reviews and/or horror stories welcome!