4 Ways To Dominate Your Industry With Google Plus

social media, google plus, Google +’s active users are artists, musicians, reporters, and bloggers. These people, in addition to being totally awesome, are great for spreading the word about your brand. They habitually share, +1, and comment on interesting things they see. You want them to see you.

Here are four ways to build relationship with them:

  1. Hashtags: Hashtags are used on keywords in a post. Like Twitter, Hashtags are linkable in Google +. Unlike Twitter, you have no character limit. With every post you can include four maybe five hashtags at the end of your post. Or you can work them into the text of your post. (Hint: To find your industries hashtags, look here.)
  2. Plus one in browser: If you are using Firefox or Google Chrome, you can add a plus one button to your browser. Adding the button makes it easy to go through your website and Plus One every page. When you publish a new blog article, you can easily plus one it. In Chrome, you’ll find it in the chrome app store. Firefox has it in the add-on section of the browser.
  3. Saving your Search: Still listening? This is tip is worth your time. Remember those hashtags? You can search for them. You can also use search operators like OR and “”(for an exact phrase). This means you can search “#Charity OR #Philanthropy OR #4Change OR #socialgood” and Google + will show you a stream of posts. The best part? You can save the search and Google will store it over by your circles. Guerilla Marketing made easy. (Click here for a link to all search operators)
  4. Public Circles: Google + allows you to share circles with people. There is a database of these shared circles found here. You can add an entire circle full or people who talk about what you are interested in. My favorite circle is the one of photographers. You will not find better pictures elsewhere.

About the Guest: Tyler Zey is the founder of www.ChangeJars.com. In addition to growing ChangeJars, he is finishing his senior year of college as a clarinet performance major. He spends every minute outside of class either practicing or marketing ChangeJars.