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3 Top Notch Social Media Dashboards

tracking social media, social media numbers, analytics, social media data, simplymeasured, sprout social, hubspotTrying to track all that great social media data? Yup! It has to be done if you want to be really successful with your social efforts. We’ve tried quite a few and talked with others about their experience and have narrowed it down to 3 full service tracking platforms with a focus on social media. We realize there are many awesome ones out there so feel free to add yours to the list, these are just the ones we have direct experience with.

  1. Sprout Social: This is probably the easiest to use and most visual. Set up is a snap and the data is displayed beautifully. You can connect Google Analytics to it for even more information. Sprout also wins on price, their packages are the least expensive compared with the next two.
  2. SimplyMeasured: A local Seattle company that does a great job with social analytics. Their clients include Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, Levi’s, Seagate, and many more. Easily exports excel reports and gets down and dirty with your numbers.
  3. Hubspot: Hubspot takes a hands-on approach with your data, giving you guides and systems for improving your numbers based on current information and efforts.