BigRuby Came Out-Shots-Effen Cherry Vodka-Waffles-OH MY

Seattle 2.0 Awards were last night in Seattle, Washington. Big winners…hmmm I can’t remember but I know there was a lot of clapping, jibber jabbering and tons of drinking. Marcello and 2.0 footed the bill. Thank you very much.

BigRuby showed up at poker with mixed drinks in a caddy giving shots and playing hands. A good time was had by all. After Poker 2.0 we set up and distributed our nearly pornographic print materials. Including some strategic placement in the men’s restroom. There were texts and tweets mentioning the shots and salacious postcards.

We were shut down by the catering director and the remaining 2 fifths were confiscated. The show went on and we were demoing BigRuby on two new iPads and a MacBook Air. Yummy! Tons of people signed up only a few bugs crawled out during the demo. Overall it went swimmingly.

The lights were dimmed low, Picnic founder, now Google employee spoke, awards were given out and the smell of waffles wafted throughout the hall. People started lining up for the world famous waffles we cooking. We were hungry and so were they.

When the lights went back up, the catering director promptly shut down the waffle gig too. Oh well, we got our message out there and had some fun while doing so.

BigRuby had fun and created a buzz, that’s what we do.

If you want waffles and more fun sign up here for our Launch Party! Free drinks!

Seattle 2.0 Notice the iPads and drinks being poured