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10 Awesome Social Networks That You Don’t Know About Part Two

Continuing from the part one article. Here are the other 5 niche social networks you have never heard about.

  1. Comicspace: As the name suggests, this site provides a medium for comic creators and fans to interact via blogs and post original webcomics. Currently, there are 89,587 active members. Example of comicspace, comicspace picture
  2. CafeMom: This website provides an online meeting space to meet and talk to millions of other moms. They can talk to each other, provide each other advice regarding parenthood, and learn about childcare with videos and articles. example of cafemom, cafemom picture
  3. Cyloop: This is a social music network that allows you to collect millions of songs and keep track of your favorite artists through blogs and latest news. Artists and labels can also use the website to market their music or to gain followers. example of cyloop, cyloop picture
  4. Book-in-a-Week: This is an online network where writers can get together and help each other write. The site provides resources, motivating prompts, and special challenges. Book-in-a-week picture, example of book-in-a-week
  5. Athlinks: This network is for the avid sport athletes (triathlons, cycling, skating, swimming, and etc). With over 245,000 members, you can record your stats and compare them to others, find races in your area, and even browse a shop.example of Athlinks, picture of Athlinks
Have you used any of these networks before? Please share with us your experiences!