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What The…..Trend?

social media, treding topics, hashtags
Ugh...Are Ugg Boots Really Still Trending?

You’re on Twitter, you look around and all of a sudden a hashtag like #ifiwasasuperhero keeps coming up and you don’t know what it means. Hashtags and trending topics on social media sites like Twitter can be difficult to keep on top of and sometimes it’s just plain hard to know what they mean.

Well, thankfully What the Trend is here to help.

What the Trend tracks all the latest trending Twitter topics and hashtags so you have an easy place to stop and see what the world is saying in the moment. Additionally, they have a strong community of users that help to define hashtags, explain their origin, and give examples of proper use.

Contributors are from all over the world and you can even see what countries topics are hottest in. Anyone can sign up to be a member and start helping contribute to hashtag knowledge. Once a member, you can build up a reputation for having good (or bad) information and contributions.

When a hashtag on What the Trend is verified, it means that particular hashtag has a definition matched with it from an official editor or a large number of users have confirmed it to be accurate.

If you happen to be looking for what the heck a hashtag means, What the Trend probably has your answer. Keep an eye on the site over the holidays to get in on all the holiday related hashtags and topics. They could just be fun or even the perfect opportunity for you to get in on an engaging and trending conversation with your own content and thoughts.