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What Do We Do Online?

Last year people spent a lot of time online. This year they are bound to spend even more. It seems like there is always something to do and when you think you’re almost done, you look up and another hour is gone.

Well, if you wondered exactly what everyone is doing online all the time, we have the pie chart for you…

social media, social media vocabulary, social network, what do we do online, time spent onlineIt’s pretty to easy to see on this awesome pie chart from Nielsen that social media is king online. (Other is considered a collection of 74 other categories of online activities combined) Social media has even managed to pass up porn for the number one activity online.

If your site isn’t playing nice with social media or your presence on social networks isn’t easily identifiable and accessible on your web page, it might be time to update your site design to include it. If you can be connected with them where they are, it makes life easier on you! People who are fans of your page on Facebook spend an average of $73 more dollars than those who are not. Getting people to fan your page only costs the time to make the page (5 minutes) and spread the news. If your site is helping in those efforts, you have a powerful tandem furthering connections with your potential customers.