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We’re Faster Than You At Texting, Thanks To Another Great Local Company: Swype!

productivity, mobileIf I told you there was one man that has touched over 3 billion phones and has set himself up to touch every single one from here on out, would you believe me? Probably not, but it is the true story of Cliff Kushler.

I learned about him when I saw a commercial advertising a new way to text that is breaking all the records. A company called Swype Inc. right out of Seattle had its new method of text input coming installed on all sorts of new phones. The sliding and speed intrigued me and when I finally got my Droid, I installed a variation that was available. It has been so great that I have been using my phone for emails, really long text messages, and even some on-the-go Salty Waffle editing via the WordPress app.

When I learned that Swype was out of Seattle, I had to learn more and a little surfing left me amazed. The founder, Kushler, just also happens to be the co-inventor of T9, the texting method that most of the world uses now! Remember the day that you finally gave up pounding each key one, two, or three, times depending on what letter you needed? That is the same feeling you will have when switching to the Swype method, it is simply elegant.

One of our goals at Salty Waffle is to help make you more productive and if you need to get work done on your phone, Swype-ing is the way to go. Oddly enough, ‘swyping’ played a major role in me getting a house for this year. I was on the road in California and had to type long emails to different people that would have been a nightmare for even a phone with a full qwerty keyboard. With Swype, we are seeing typing speeds approaching 60 words-per-minute, faster than a lot of people can type on a desktop.

Check out the video below and if you have a phone that supports it, try out a Swype style keyboard for yourself. Just think of Salty Waffle when your fingers of fire go to tweet, text, or email at blazing speeds.