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4 Tips to Writing Great Content

Written by Cameron Madill of Synotac Web Design

Writing for the web is maybe the single most important factor in generating results from your website, and yet it is often one of the most overlooked elements of design.

What results you say?  Good web copy can raise your website’s conversion rate as much as 100%.  In non-jargon, that means double your online sales or leads without increasing your traffic.

A picture may tell a thousand words, but I don’t know anyone who buys something without actual words to explain what it is (features), why it is relevant to you (benefits), and why you should feel comfortable taking action (guarantees).

4 Tips for writing online:

  1. Write relevant headlines
  2. Keep the it short, scannable text with links in the text
  3. Make it simple, jargon-free writing
  4. Stick to customer-focused copy