salty waffle social media playbook

We are getting a facelift and we know there are several broken items on our site right now. I do wish that I knew how to do all the edits myself! Please check out the site that I recently started building on WIX, a cool simple templated website editor. It’s modern and fun! FreeSocialMediaPlaybook.com

social media playbook table of contents

We want to show you more of the cool work that we have been doing with clients. Now, the names and company specific information, will often be taken off of the work for confidentiality reasons, however, we’ll be providing great info you can take and use for your biz! Like the Social Media Playbook. It’s a big doc and we’ve got a few pages up so far. After asking permission to share, we showed a few different business owners the social media playbooks and they were so excited, we just had to share with you!

Thank you for your patience! BTW we’ll be in Silicon Valley doing the rounds this week…stay tuned to hear what’s happening in “the Valley”.