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The Top 5 Ways To Get Laid Using Social Media

online dating, social media, getting laid in social media, salty waffle, match, dating online, facebook dating, courtshipSorry if that title was a little misleading, this is actually about the Top 5 dating sites and personals sites as of right now. It is interesting to see how social media is changing the way we date and especially, start relationships. I know quite a few couples that met online and I’m sure you do too. This article was born out of some research for a piece coming to Salty Waffle very soon that will be sort of a step by step to dating in the social media world. Look for it sometime next week!

For now, take a look at the Top 5 dating sites as based on average of scores from Compete, Quantcast, and Alexa. Clearly, dating is a growing piece of the social networking world. One would assume with better technology, internet access, and affinity for social networks, we will move more of our dating and courtship processes online. What do you think?

  1. Match.com: is owned by the same owners of Chemistry.com and OkCupid.com which actually rank after this list at 10 and 7 respectively. Match pulls in a whopping 18.9 million visitors a month.
  2. PlentyOfFish: Uses a chemistry test and encourages users to find their ‘relationship needs’. Lady Gaga, Akon, Ke$ha, 3OH!3, Brtney Spears, and Jason Derulo have all featured PlentyofFish in their music videos.
  3. Yahoo! Personals: Yahoo actually stopped adding new profiles almost a year ago and started migrating services to Match.com after a deal was struck to make them Yahoo’s provider of dating services. Yahoo! Personals still pulls in 15,000,000 million unique visitors a month.
  4. zoosk: Zoosk, The dating site that inspired it’s own Hip Hop song pulls in about 10,500,000 unique visitors a month.
  5. eHarmony: Gets about 7 million unique visitors a month, known for their ‘29 Dimensions of Compatibility‘ and the science based approach to finding the perfect match.