The Other Networks Part I: Why Facebook Isn’t All That Matters

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You throw out the word social networks and instantly everyone’s mind jumps to Facebook. No one asks if you’re online anymore, no one asks for an email address, its ‘you’re on Facebook right?’ And you know what? Most of the time the answer is yes.

Now this isn’t a bad thing, Facebook seems to be on its way to becoming the fabric of the web but, I am here to say that the other networks still matter immensely. This is the first part in a series of posts that will examine how each of the ‘other’ networks is valuable personally and for business. Each piece will delve into the attributes and consumer benefits that give each its own personality and unique set of users.

In addition to exploring the personality of these networks, we’ll take a look into why understanding the differences among them and the people they serve is a powerful business tool. Through the various social networks out there, consumers have self segmented in many ways and tapping into what makes each network tick will allow you to easily integrate into those communities.

We’ll make stops at, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, foursquare, MySpace, flickr, and others so buckle up and be prepared to mingle in a diverse online world of social networks and media.