Step 4: Acknowledge Your Key Relationships

engage, activate, acknowledgeLast night as we went out to find the Parrot Lady, Sara brought her small notebook and a pencil to document the occasion.

When we were at the Billabong store she asked the man helping us for his autograph, then she asked a guy in line for his autograph. These grown men were so flattered and of course signed her little notebook.

The photo is of the server at La Cucaracha where we had dinner. This Polish transplant thought that Sara was the cutest thing and he was elated that she would ask for his autograph.

Of course this got me thinking about how you can engage with people to make them feel special. When you do something for somebody, they are often inspired to do something in return, like tell others about their experience with you. Then to really solidify this affection, how can you prominently display your appreciation or acknowledgement of the people or business that you appreciate?

With Salty Waffle, we have several advocates for what we do. So, I’ve asked them to email a short testimonial that I will feature on along with a post about their business. Then we let them know when the story of their business is featured so that they can tell all of their friends and family.

It would be great if acknowledgement were as simple as asking for an autograph.