The Social Media Prayer Poem

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community, social media poem, social media prayer poemSocial Media Crisis – A Prayer Poem 

Dear LORD God Help!
I began to yelp,
As I looked online today,
gasping in dismay.
I’ve realized I need help.

I work and I pray
all the live long day,
but nothing turns out
and I just keep going about
round and round, without knowing the right way.

My webpage is a mess
And I have trouble getting in the press
I have no Twitter or Facebook
And don’t know how to find anyone to get the hook.
God, my social media presence is a mess!

I am in crisis mode,
Can you just send me a simple code?
That should make it all go away!
If it were only that easy, I pray.
At least show me the right node.

Is it YouTube, Daily motion, or Vimeo,
What say you our pro?
At which site should I share
And who will care?
These kinds of things I need to know.

And that little bit is just for video!
What about all the other things to make this go?
There are a million social media sites.
Which ones do I use for all my invites?
What do I do to help my faith-organization grow?

This is overwhelming
Who will I appoint to do all the helming?
Salty Waffle is the one I choose
Because they will help me get in the news

LORD God what I ask
Is that you will lower my mask.
Please enter my heart.
It’s not about me seeming so smart
But that your Word is heard – that is the task.

Transparency is the key
Please just show me how to be
I want to be authentic
Not have some untold tactic
It’s about being truthful, I see.

Logistics aren’t number one
Although it’s important to get things done.
I want you to be the focus
Anything else would be a hocus
Then I will know we have won.

Thank you for the possibility
To share your Word with agility
You are sovereign over all things,
Even the ones the Internet brings
LORD God I know you have the ability.

It is already in your wonderful plan
You really are the man!
It is time for me to take out my sword!
Thank you Lord,
Now I know I can.